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  • 11 January 2014

    Korean American Day Celebration Dinner Event

  • 16-17 September 2013

    BPMA Counter Terrorism Symposia (Busan, South Korea)

  • 9-13 September 2013

    C4ISR Korea Conference (Asan, South Korea)

  • August 2013

    ITTA aids Discovery film project with 10-day Combat Tracker COI for Unit 868

  • 15-19 July 2013

    Instructor Wendell Nope delivers SAR training to KNPA K9 Handlers.

  • 1-12 July 2013

    ITTA provides training for KNPA EOD Technicians

  • 4-24-2013

    ITTA attends the multiagency Spring KSSS Emergency Management Symposium in Seoul, Korea

  • 4-18-2013

    ITTA attends KNPA Special Operations Group counter-terrorism exercise testing new tactical emergency medical capabilities and airborne evacuation.

  • 4-12-2013

    ITTA joins with the 1st Korean Police Canine Association Symposium in Seoul, Korea.

  • 4-2013

    Professor Jimmy Gurulé will join with our members at 2013 C4ISR Korea as key note speaker on FISA and Foreign Intelligence and will also lead a special session on Financial Intelligence C&A.

    Professor Jimmy Gurulé is an internationally recognized scholar-practitioner. He is an expert on counter-terrorist financing, anti-money laundering, and U.S. economic sanctions, lecturing internationally and advising several foreign governments on these topics. He has had a distinguished career in Government service, including as Under Secretary (Enforcement), U.S. Department of the Treasury, Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice, and Assistant United States Attorney, Central District of California, where he served as Deputy Chief of the Major Narcotics Section. Professor Gurulé is currently a member of the law faculty of Notre Dame Law School, teaching courses on the Law of Terrorism, International Criminal Law, and White Collar Crime.

    Dr. James G. Breckenridge will join our members with his key-note address on Strategic Intelligence at 2013 C4ISR Korea. As Executive Director, Dr. Breckenridge leads the Department of Intelligence Studies at Mercyhurst University where he develops advanced and innovative teaching methods and programs for intelligence analysts. He is an internationally acclaimed instructor and leader with experience in 32 countries. Dr. Breckenridge retired from a distinguished military career of 22 years as a commissioned officer with combat service in the US Army and has led and taught programs at the United States Military Academy - West Point.

    Marcos Estrada will join our members at 2013 C4ISR Korea to instruct on information management for emergency operation centers. Marcos currently serves as Chief of Logistics for Cook County Homeland Security. Marcos is a distinguished combat veteran who retired from the US Marine Corps with deployments to Liberia, Iraq and Afghanistan where he acted as military advisor to The Republic of Georgia for combat operations in Helmand Province. He is further recognized for his work and service as a dignitary protection specialist and instructor for the United States Department of State.

    Chris Stiles will join us at 2013 C4ISR to teach Unmanned Aerial Systems. Chris is a veteran UAV operator with over (10) years’ experience and over 10,000 hours of flight hours of real-time unmanned systems in support of DOD operations and C4ISR tasks. He has extensive experience with flight operations, training, safety and standardization of small, tactical, and medium sized unmanned systems ranging in size from 5 - 2,750 lbs. and is a technical writer on this subject. He is currently the Executive VP of Unmanned Services.

    Manfred Marotta joins ITTA members at 2013 C4ISR Korea to instruct on Unmanned Aerial Systems. He is a (14) year leader in the UAS community executing worldwide UAS operations. He is the acting President of Unmanned Services and the Chair of the UAPSA. He is an unmanned systems pilot, subject matter expert and veteran of US Armed Forces and Navy. Manfred has provided Unmanned Aerial Systems C4ISR operational support for the US Department of Defense.

    Robert Trivino will join with ITTA at 2013 C4ISR Korea to teach target interdiction. Robert Trivino is the acting CEO of Evergreen Mountain where he leads highly regarded advanced training programs for LE/MIL agencies. Robert retired from a long and distinguished career in US Army Special Operations and tenure with 1st SFOD-D. He has global operational and mission experience in sniper/reconnaissance, intelligence and surveillance areas in Haiti, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq and other locations.

    Scott Annesley joins with our members at 2013 C4ISR Korea to instruct on target interdiction. Scott is a 23 year Canadian veteran of major crime investigations and LE special operations and currently serves as a SWAT Team Leader on Canada's western coast. Scott is a widely recognized and multidisciplined LE instructor with extensive experience in sniper operations and rural surveillance. Scott is further reknowned for his crucial investigative role in Canada's largest serial homicide investigation.

    CPT Stephen Peacock (USMC ret) joins our members at 2013 C4ISR Korea this Fall to teach intelligence analysis and fusion cell operations. Steve retired from a distinguished career in Special Operations as a subject matter expert in CI/HUMINT, interrogation and limited visibility operations. He has extensive experience training both US & international SOF units. Steve is a veteran of multiple tours in multiple theaters including Iraq, Afghanistan, Central America and Mexico.

    Jeff Wilson joins with ITTA to instruct on geospatial intelligence analysis and fusion for 2013 C4ISR Korea. Jeff is a 17 year veteran of the Intelligence Community and IT solutions industry. Jeff is currently a senior executive at ClearTerra. He is renowned for his experience with SAIC developing the GeoRover program. Jeff has extensive experience in technical collection for international programs from his tenure with the Office of Naval Intelligence.

  • 3-2013

    John Coots joins our members at 2013 C4ISR Korea this fall to lead a course on intelligence fusion cell operations. John Coots retired from US Army/JSOC where he conducted strategic planning and coordination of collection efforts and integration with operations supporting National Security. John previously served as Intelligence Officer for an assault squadron and supported global operations and other agencies for General McCrystal's effort to develop networks to defeat networks and the F3EA process. John continues to refine his knowledge and work on R&D efforts helping the LE/MIL communities.

    Katherine H. Pherson joins ITTA for the 2013 C4ISR Conference to instruct on advanced analytic techniques for fusion center process. Ms. Pherson is a renowned expert for her work in the IC and Homeland Security community. She is the co-author of the recently published book Critical Thinking for Strategic Intelligence. Ms. Pherson completed a distinguished 27-year career with the Central Intelligence Agency. She is a recipient of the CIA's Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal and the IC's National Distinguished Service Medal.

    Scott Southard joins with ITTA at 2013 C4ISR Korea to instruct Covert Methods of Entry. Scott has taught LE/MIL students internationally for 30 years and is currently the acting CEO of Peak Performance Consulting, LLC. Scott Southard previously served in US Army Special Operations for 22 years where he specialized in Counter Terrorism, Intelligence and Diplomatic Security.

    Wadi Sawabini joins ITTA members at 2013 C4ISR to instruct video based technical surveillance. Wadi is an international expert and veteran instructor who has taught extensively over 22 years to all levels of LE. His courses are widely recognized and regularly utilized by many US federal agencies.

  • 2-2013

    Peter Kerr joins ITTA for the 2013 C4ISR Conference to instruct on Modern Combat Visual Tracking and share his extensive tracking experience in operations and training missions. Peter is widely recognized for his work with TTOS delivering premier instruction to LE/MIL and Special Operations globally.

  • 12-2012

    Andrew Fayal joins the ranks of ITTA top professional instructors, providing extensive knowledge and expertise in EOD/C-IED training, and in facilitating an advanced “EOD Integrated Assault” course. Andy Fayal is presented in a chapter of the book, "Service: A Navy SEAL at War" by NYT best selling author Marcus Luttrell.

  • 11-2012

    International Tactical Training Association and the Korean National Police Agency agree to co-host the C4ISR Korea Conference to take place in September of 2013 (more information about this event to follow).

  • 10-2012

    International Tactical Training Association receives ITAR certification. ITTA is committed to keeping appropriate professional certification, to adherence to the US Department of State Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC), to affirmation of and support for safeguarding of US national security, and to furtherance of US foreign policy objectives.